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Optimal weather forecast for cyclists, runners, hikers and skiers.

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Where is the wind best? Prefer it like the windsurfers as well Kitsurfer or surfers when the wind is blowing from the side. Therefore, these water sports only rely on a wind forecast with a präzisern indication of wind speed (wind speed) and wind direction. As the weather forecast (rain - sun - hail - fog - snow) fails for the windsurf spot or Kitespot interested windsurfers, surfers Kitsurfer or secondary. The water temperature should, however, be at least 10 degrees and good weather does not hurt either ... please no strong storm already!
Now for the sailing weather of For the sailors, things look quite different. By means of the approximate wind direction decide the sailors sailed to which port or which cruise is completed. The Weather plays a very important role, because no one would like to sail in the fog or rain or even snow or hail.
With the current mainstream movie of windyty the wind direction and the wind speed is displayed in real time. Sports enthusiasts motivation interesting webcams from still offered.
In order to prepare well for the next few days or at the weekend, the 3-day wind forecast is excellent. The large-weather conditions can be made on the 7-day reflect wind forecast for any location well. A 10-day wind forecast makes no sense, since this prediction is also referred to by many meteorologists read as coffee grounds.
The wind forecast of rested on various, partly state-owned, weather services from around the world. Temperature, rain probability (probability of precipitation), wind direction, wind strength ... are reproduced by neutral.

The free wind forecast - offers boaters an accurate wind forecast for England and the whole world.
Europe: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Bulgaria Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Malta, Cyprus, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic
South America: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Guyana, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
Central America: Hawaaii USA, Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Cuba
North America: Canada, Mexico, United States of America
Africa: Cape Verde, Madagascar, Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria
Australia: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand
Asia: India, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Japan, Israel, China, Indonesia, Bahrain
interesting places or regions: Corsica, Sardinia, Cape Town, Maui, Fuerteventura, Sotavento, Tarifa, Dahab, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Naxos, Djerba
Lake and sea: Atlantic Ocean, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, American Mediterranean Sea, European Mediterranean Sea, Norwegian Sea, Norwegian Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, German Bight and more ...

Arctic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean Antarctic Ocean, Southern Ocean
Caspian Sea, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, the Mediterranean Sea, Lake Victoria, Lake Baikal

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